Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pesche Marinate in Vino Rosso - Peaches Marinated in Red Wine

My favorite way to end a meal is with fruit and/or cheese. This is a very simple and popular Italian preparation. You can marinate peaches, berries, oranges, or cherries in red wine, sweet Marsala wine, or lemon juice and sugar. My fathers favorite way to eat sliced strawberries was by sprinkling them with sugar and marinating them in sweet Marsala wine.

To make this lovely simple dessert; peel, pit and slice one peach per person. I always remove the hard red area on the peach where the pit was since it is tough, rough and not pleasant to bite into. Place sliced peaches in a bowl. If your peaches aren't sweet enough on their own, add granulated sugar to taste. Pour red wine over just to cover fruit; mix gently. Cover bowl and refrigerate for 1 hour. Fill a pretty serving glass, stemmed glass or dessert bowl with peaches and enough wine to almost cover them, serve and enjoy. My favorite wines to use in this dish are VJB Vineyards & Cellars (Kenwood, CA) Syrah or Zinfandel, an Italian imported Lambrusco, or Schugs (Sonoma, CA) Sparkling Pinot. You can also use Prosecco for a different taste.

La Macedonia de Frutta Fresca - Fresh Fruit Salad:

A fresh fruit salad I understand is a favorite way for Italians to end a meal in a Trattoria. It is a favorite way to end my meals at home. Here are some tips to create one in your kitchen; use a variety of fresh fruits that are in season, peel those that need it, and cut all approximately the same size. On the small size, perhaps an inch, and place in a large bowl, add sugar to taste and stir in with sweet Marsala wine, brandy, fresh lemon juice, port, or sweet white wine. It should be refrigerated for an hour or so, and served cold.

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